Monday, September 6, 2010

Feed Their Future Project - Giving Children a Healthy Future

 As children of God, we are asked to take care of the other. "Love your Neighbor as your Self", Jesus Christ said.

Feed Their Future Project - Giving Children a Healthy Future

Food is a need that should be readily available any time we ask for it. It fuels the mind and body to seek on and take on new challenges every day. Without it, our human physique cannot be capable of functioning to its fullest potential.

However, do we even realize how much we take for granted getting three, four, or even five meals a day?

In hard-to-come by areas across the Philippines, getting three meals a day is a luxury. The most basic necessity has become unreachable for these communities due to poverty. Feed Their Future project allows children in these areas to finish their education through the better nourishment of their physical and mental capacities. Your help will provide them an alternate route to escape from their poverty-stricken roots.

In the heart of our work is Jesus' call:

" And whoever welcomes one such child in my name welcomes me. "

Matthew 18:5

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